Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What do you love/ Want to do? 4/12

What do you love. In connection to the working world, I love the everything in the realm of political science. I like reading about the interactions within the government, the impact it has, and how the government is connected to many parts of life. expanding on that idea, I love listening to anything that involve news, weather it be foreign issues, or as local as statewide, and i also love learning about the prevalent issues that are being lobbied for. another part of that is I love the idea of working for various charities as you would take part in creating an impact on a group of people. 
What i want to do is either work for a charity organization that is either tied. I think that it would connect some of the things that I love with my daily routine. or i would like to work in a government position, to have an impact on some aspect of government. That would be something that i love as well as something that i would like to do. after college is over i hope to find a job at either or with no strong preference of one over the other. 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

My Research Question 3/31

1) The topic that I have chosen is the idea that the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons is not beneficial to the world and there needs to be a ban and disarmament for all of the nations that are nuclear powers.

2) I want to look at the question of why the world would be a safer place with the absence of nuclear materials being used by governments.

3) this question is what i would like to  because there is a large amount of nuclear accidents, and countries that are attempting to become nuclear enabled nations. I want to look into the ways that this could potentially negatively impact societies.

4)  I need to look at the impact that nuclear disasters have had on the areas in which they took place, as well as look at the ideas of a more stabilized world with the absence of nuclear weapons. I also would need to look at the opposition as to see why there is still a need for the weapons and what the usefulness is.

5) The experts that I believe would have sold research would include nuclear engineers,  Any person that investigated the impact of some of the disasters such as at Fukushima  or Chernobyl, as well as political analysts or scientists that have research in the ways that governments interact with each other if they are nuclear enabled, as well as the impact that is present in the way governments handle themselves when they hold the power of nuclear abilities. These researchers  would mostly come from political science backgrounds, and maybe chemistry or engineering for looking into the effects that are present from recent disasters.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

3/17 reflection on Paper 2 progression

This is going to be broken down into 3 parts because it is the only way i can process it. 

when I began my paper I had a difficult time  finding a topic and i had to narrow it down to three topics. I ended up doing the paper backwards in comparison to others in my class as I found the visuals for all of the 3 options first and went with the one that I felt would have been the most useful. In writing the first parts of the outline and the first draft, i felt that I had narrowed down my topic too much. 

In writing my second draft I realized that I had never answered the question that my paper was proposing. This lead to my understanding that my topic was not too narrow but that I needed to expand on it more to make it create an interesting paper that answered the issue. 

After this issue was resolved my plan did changed but it was more expanded, it was not an entire redesign for my paper. So my paper retained all of the aspects of the first draft and outline, and nothing was wasted at any point. 

I think that ultimately I achieved my goal, even though i really had no idea where I was going as I honestly was lost until around the conclusion of my first draft.

3/10 Reflection on paper 2

The second paper that we have begun has gone a little differently than i had planned for. the first step was the brainstorming aspect and it was not something that I found easy. but after i found a topic it began to become easier to see my idea but i found a video that was very useful from the beginning. the paper became a lot easier to write as the second draft came around. the way that I learned to incorporate sources in class was also helpful in creating a paper that i believe synthesized better than my original attempt or even my first paper.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

explanatory synthesis notes 2/23

I am explaining the issue of wealth inequality in the united states. I intend to narrow it down to two parts, the issues surrounding the class system in the american economy, as well as the wage gap amongst workers within each job. I want to look at the intended economic activity surrounding the pay structure, how it effects the workers, and the effects on the quality of life for people that are "victims" in this economic cycle.

The frist source that I intend to use is a video that describes the wage gap between the lower, middle and 1 percent of the american economy, it uses graphics to show the ideal gap between the classes, what people think the gap is, and the actually gap. it shows that there is a lack of knowledge within the american populous on this subject, and it shows how middle class america does not hold the power in the economy that it once had. It illustrates the issue in many graphs and it makes the enormity of the issue extremely apparent.

the second source that I am using focuses on the growth of the 1 percents equity in the overall economy, and how under the current system, they will become increasingly more rich, whereas the middle and lower classes will fund this to their own detriment.  The author looks at the overall impact of this system on society and how it effects each level within the class system in america. The author also argues that this is destroying the normal middle class, and a new middle class is emerging, consisting of the top 20 percent of income holders within the united states. She also focuses on the detrimental impact the banking structure in the united states is having on the american population as seen in the 2007 recession.

The third source that may change focuses on the structure of pay amongst race and gender but it is lacing current statistics or evidence of a wage gap, it just describes the issue, so it may be of no use to me.  It also seems aggressive towards one side of the argument so tt is looking to be less credible even though it is within an academic journal, so i need to find a more solid third source.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2/16 Explaining My Interest

Intrest: Automotive scene.

one interest that I find is present in my life is that i like anything involving cars. i go to give auto show, and car meet in the area and it is something that is ritualistic in my group of friends. Everyone has a specific area of interest and mine happens to be JDM or Japanese domestic market cars. my first car was a Subaru WRX STI and this was where my love for cars started. i learned everything from how to do the simplest tasks like changing oil or rotating tires, all the way up to heavily modifying my engine and doing things of that nature. the STI is one of the most accepted cars in the area of automotive meets that I am interested so it made sense that that was the car i needed. some things that i like about the automotive scene is that there can be so many different ways that people drive cars, or how they modify, or what class of car they like, but for the most part there is cohesion between the people. Wether its two guys racing on lower whacker or watching cars fly around a track in Wisconsin, the automotive culture of america is completely interconnected and its something that i believe makes it a great thing to be a part of. Yes there are some downfalls, like for me getting tickets for having too loud of a car, or having too dark of tint, but the good times make up for these somewhat expensive issues. like every Friday going to walk around a parking lot looking at everyones cars, or doing a track day at road america in Wisconsin. Some of my favorite memories are also just me and some friends in a garage and I wouldn't trade any of it for any other experiences. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Response to Synthesis essay 2/9

After finishing our assigned paper on incorporating an outside source into our own experience, think that i learned a lot about how I write.

The main thin that I have learned form this experience is that i am very reliant on the formal structure of say a research paper, so figuring out how to transform my ideas into this new structure was very challenging. I believe that this was by design on the instructors part, to get us outside of that ideology.  After i had figured out the new style that i needed to conform to, I think that synthesizing my outside sources with my own work was not as difficult as i thought it was gong to be.

My outline at the beginning along with my design plan stayed mostly the same throughout the paper. At the time, i did not have a second source chosen, and that ended up changing by my first draft. I could not find a source that represented what i was trying to accomplish that was within the guidelines that I described in the outline. I had found a second source while looking at my first source, and I used it because it had a good amount of information, and I felt that it would have been stronger than anything that I could have found like what i had described.

I believe that I had accomplished the task of synthesizing. It may have some flaws, but I believe that I accomplished the task.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Revising process 2/4

After 2 class periods of revising others work in groups, i have learned that the revision process is constant, and always happening. There is no such thing as finished. Everything can be improved on. I also think that there is a need to have an outside interaction in it. One cannot fully catch every mistake that they create and there is a need for another person to look at your work. This other person can bring in a new perspective that can change your writing style for the better.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

1/28 Response to 7.3 exercise

One family ritual that we practice almost religiously is going to Cubs or Blackhawks games at least every other week.  When baseball or hockey is in season, so is our ability to do what has become such an important part of our family. Every day that this takes place we do the same three things, drive downtown, and depending on the game time, we either get pizza at Gino's east before or after the game. We, as a family  do everything Cubs related you can think of, going to the cubs convention, going to games and watching games on tv, because it pulls us together for a couple hours, and we actually interact. usually I am not home or watching tv in my room, or my mom doesn't get home from work till 6:30 so there is limited interaction, but whenever there is a cubs or Blackhawks game, we are either watching it or we are there. Us just being in the same room for more that a couple minutes at a time rarely happens anymore, and this tradition or ritualistic experience of going to games puts us in a position that we actually get to interact for at least a couple hours. These experiences keep our family together in its own special weird way. 

what does it mean when I say adulthood? 
Looking at the word adulthood i don't see it as an age, but a mindset. there was a time in which i believed that adulthood was something that you experienced after college, when are first included into the world outside of academia. But my understanding of adulthood has come to mean that there are many experiences that people have that can make a person become ushered into the mental state of adulthood at a speed that cannot be described as numbers in someones age. if one traumatic or life changing event can impact a person profoundly, and they are put into a position where there is a need for them to experience everything that an adult does, then my understanding is that they have been ushered into the likes of adulthood, even if it is premature to the overall societal understanding of adulthood. 

the evolution of growing up is much like the ripening of a fruit.
Everyone sees growing up as being very linear, there is a multitude of stops on this train of advancement that society sees as the correct course, theses stops could include high school, college gaining a first job, getting married. But in reality there is are large amount of factors influencing the progression of a person just as the ripening of a fruit. there is a known number of things that can contribute to the process, it could include temperature, the humidity, but most importantly, impact, if a fruit becomes bruised from lets say falling off a counter, its will mature to being fully ripened and then ruined more suddenly than its normal progression. It is shocked by this factor. Just as this scenario de-railed the metaphorical train of progression for the fruit, there can be instanced with enough impact on a human that their ideology and actions have become more adult like in a span of time that is drastically different than the average experience. 

January 19th, 2016

What did i learn today?
In college writing I learned the importance of audience selection for a piece of writing. It impacts not only the specific form in which you chose to write wether it is the for argument or for persuasion, ext. It also impacts the more in which you wish to describe your idea. I leaned that audience choice needs to be accounted for first because it is the basis for all to follow in writing.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

What are or responsibilities to each other when we blog?

When looking at the aspects of communication in a blog, there is an obligation to the writer and the people that are responding.

As a society today in the openness of the internet, with a vast amount of sites in which there is interaction between people, there is a need for a set of ethical ground rules for the communication that takes place. Looking at comments sections spanning from everything from a serious news article to a youtube video of someones cat doing something seen as funny or cute, there is always an argument that can get out of hand, turning a well meaning post's comment section into a battlefield of ideas being hurled at one another without purpose.

In relationship to blogging, there are some "rules" that could be established for this channel of internet communication based on the notion that there are responsibilities  for all all parties involved. this includes the writers ability to present a idea or defend their ideology on a subject in a way that is not deemed as offensive. another responsibility of a writer could include the idea that all topics can be looked into and responded to, but some topics need to be expanded on carefully to not cause ruckus within your audience. The last responsibility is that there need to be an openness to the audience. An audience deserves to have a chance to look into a persons ideas with all of the writers ideas being presented.

The main responsibility that I believe needs to be present in blogging is that there is a need for mutual respect between the audience and the writer. The writer needs to have respect for the idea that these people are not being forced to read their blog, they have no really need to read it, it is just a want to them, so writing about topics or writing in such a way that you know will offend or attack your audience in any way. yes you can write something that is going to offend some people, everyone has different views, but the writer should not go out of there way to try to offend people. This can also be said for those who read a blog and may chose to create a response to a blog post. The response should respectfully proclaim the person's idea, and it shouldn't lay the groundwork for an argument.