Tuesday, February 23, 2016

explanatory synthesis notes 2/23

I am explaining the issue of wealth inequality in the united states. I intend to narrow it down to two parts, the issues surrounding the class system in the american economy, as well as the wage gap amongst workers within each job. I want to look at the intended economic activity surrounding the pay structure, how it effects the workers, and the effects on the quality of life for people that are "victims" in this economic cycle.

The frist source that I intend to use is a video that describes the wage gap between the lower, middle and 1 percent of the american economy, it uses graphics to show the ideal gap between the classes, what people think the gap is, and the actually gap. it shows that there is a lack of knowledge within the american populous on this subject, and it shows how middle class america does not hold the power in the economy that it once had. It illustrates the issue in many graphs and it makes the enormity of the issue extremely apparent.

the second source that I am using focuses on the growth of the 1 percents equity in the overall economy, and how under the current system, they will become increasingly more rich, whereas the middle and lower classes will fund this to their own detriment.  The author looks at the overall impact of this system on society and how it effects each level within the class system in america. The author also argues that this is destroying the normal middle class, and a new middle class is emerging, consisting of the top 20 percent of income holders within the united states. She also focuses on the detrimental impact the banking structure in the united states is having on the american population as seen in the 2007 recession.

The third source that may change focuses on the structure of pay amongst race and gender but it is lacing current statistics or evidence of a wage gap, it just describes the issue, so it may be of no use to me.  It also seems aggressive towards one side of the argument so tt is looking to be less credible even though it is within an academic journal, so i need to find a more solid third source.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2/16 Explaining My Interest

Intrest: Automotive scene.

one interest that I find is present in my life is that i like anything involving cars. i go to give auto show, and car meet in the area and it is something that is ritualistic in my group of friends. Everyone has a specific area of interest and mine happens to be JDM or Japanese domestic market cars. my first car was a Subaru WRX STI and this was where my love for cars started. i learned everything from how to do the simplest tasks like changing oil or rotating tires, all the way up to heavily modifying my engine and doing things of that nature. the STI is one of the most accepted cars in the area of automotive meets that I am interested so it made sense that that was the car i needed. some things that i like about the automotive scene is that there can be so many different ways that people drive cars, or how they modify, or what class of car they like, but for the most part there is cohesion between the people. Wether its two guys racing on lower whacker or watching cars fly around a track in Wisconsin, the automotive culture of america is completely interconnected and its something that i believe makes it a great thing to be a part of. Yes there are some downfalls, like for me getting tickets for having too loud of a car, or having too dark of tint, but the good times make up for these somewhat expensive issues. like every Friday going to walk around a parking lot looking at everyones cars, or doing a track day at road america in Wisconsin. Some of my favorite memories are also just me and some friends in a garage and I wouldn't trade any of it for any other experiences. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Response to Synthesis essay 2/9

After finishing our assigned paper on incorporating an outside source into our own experience, think that i learned a lot about how I write.

The main thin that I have learned form this experience is that i am very reliant on the formal structure of say a research paper, so figuring out how to transform my ideas into this new structure was very challenging. I believe that this was by design on the instructors part, to get us outside of that ideology.  After i had figured out the new style that i needed to conform to, I think that synthesizing my outside sources with my own work was not as difficult as i thought it was gong to be.

My outline at the beginning along with my design plan stayed mostly the same throughout the paper. At the time, i did not have a second source chosen, and that ended up changing by my first draft. I could not find a source that represented what i was trying to accomplish that was within the guidelines that I described in the outline. I had found a second source while looking at my first source, and I used it because it had a good amount of information, and I felt that it would have been stronger than anything that I could have found like what i had described.

I believe that I had accomplished the task of synthesizing. It may have some flaws, but I believe that I accomplished the task.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Revising process 2/4

After 2 class periods of revising others work in groups, i have learned that the revision process is constant, and always happening. There is no such thing as finished. Everything can be improved on. I also think that there is a need to have an outside interaction in it. One cannot fully catch every mistake that they create and there is a need for another person to look at your work. This other person can bring in a new perspective that can change your writing style for the better.