Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2/16 Explaining My Interest

Intrest: Automotive scene.

one interest that I find is present in my life is that i like anything involving cars. i go to give auto show, and car meet in the area and it is something that is ritualistic in my group of friends. Everyone has a specific area of interest and mine happens to be JDM or Japanese domestic market cars. my first car was a Subaru WRX STI and this was where my love for cars started. i learned everything from how to do the simplest tasks like changing oil or rotating tires, all the way up to heavily modifying my engine and doing things of that nature. the STI is one of the most accepted cars in the area of automotive meets that I am interested so it made sense that that was the car i needed. some things that i like about the automotive scene is that there can be so many different ways that people drive cars, or how they modify, or what class of car they like, but for the most part there is cohesion between the people. Wether its two guys racing on lower whacker or watching cars fly around a track in Wisconsin, the automotive culture of america is completely interconnected and its something that i believe makes it a great thing to be a part of. Yes there are some downfalls, like for me getting tickets for having too loud of a car, or having too dark of tint, but the good times make up for these somewhat expensive issues. like every Friday going to walk around a parking lot looking at everyones cars, or doing a track day at road america in Wisconsin. Some of my favorite memories are also just me and some friends in a garage and I wouldn't trade any of it for any other experiences. 

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