Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Response to Synthesis essay 2/9

After finishing our assigned paper on incorporating an outside source into our own experience, think that i learned a lot about how I write.

The main thin that I have learned form this experience is that i am very reliant on the formal structure of say a research paper, so figuring out how to transform my ideas into this new structure was very challenging. I believe that this was by design on the instructors part, to get us outside of that ideology.  After i had figured out the new style that i needed to conform to, I think that synthesizing my outside sources with my own work was not as difficult as i thought it was gong to be.

My outline at the beginning along with my design plan stayed mostly the same throughout the paper. At the time, i did not have a second source chosen, and that ended up changing by my first draft. I could not find a source that represented what i was trying to accomplish that was within the guidelines that I described in the outline. I had found a second source while looking at my first source, and I used it because it had a good amount of information, and I felt that it would have been stronger than anything that I could have found like what i had described.

I believe that I had accomplished the task of synthesizing. It may have some flaws, but I believe that I accomplished the task.

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