Thursday, March 17, 2016

3/17 reflection on Paper 2 progression

This is going to be broken down into 3 parts because it is the only way i can process it. 

when I began my paper I had a difficult time  finding a topic and i had to narrow it down to three topics. I ended up doing the paper backwards in comparison to others in my class as I found the visuals for all of the 3 options first and went with the one that I felt would have been the most useful. In writing the first parts of the outline and the first draft, i felt that I had narrowed down my topic too much. 

In writing my second draft I realized that I had never answered the question that my paper was proposing. This lead to my understanding that my topic was not too narrow but that I needed to expand on it more to make it create an interesting paper that answered the issue. 

After this issue was resolved my plan did changed but it was more expanded, it was not an entire redesign for my paper. So my paper retained all of the aspects of the first draft and outline, and nothing was wasted at any point. 

I think that ultimately I achieved my goal, even though i really had no idea where I was going as I honestly was lost until around the conclusion of my first draft.

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