Thursday, March 31, 2016

My Research Question 3/31

1) The topic that I have chosen is the idea that the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons is not beneficial to the world and there needs to be a ban and disarmament for all of the nations that are nuclear powers.

2) I want to look at the question of why the world would be a safer place with the absence of nuclear materials being used by governments.

3) this question is what i would like to  because there is a large amount of nuclear accidents, and countries that are attempting to become nuclear enabled nations. I want to look into the ways that this could potentially negatively impact societies.

4)  I need to look at the impact that nuclear disasters have had on the areas in which they took place, as well as look at the ideas of a more stabilized world with the absence of nuclear weapons. I also would need to look at the opposition as to see why there is still a need for the weapons and what the usefulness is.

5) The experts that I believe would have sold research would include nuclear engineers,  Any person that investigated the impact of some of the disasters such as at Fukushima  or Chernobyl, as well as political analysts or scientists that have research in the ways that governments interact with each other if they are nuclear enabled, as well as the impact that is present in the way governments handle themselves when they hold the power of nuclear abilities. These researchers  would mostly come from political science backgrounds, and maybe chemistry or engineering for looking into the effects that are present from recent disasters.

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