Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What do you love/ Want to do? 4/12

What do you love. In connection to the working world, I love the everything in the realm of political science. I like reading about the interactions within the government, the impact it has, and how the government is connected to many parts of life. expanding on that idea, I love listening to anything that involve news, weather it be foreign issues, or as local as statewide, and i also love learning about the prevalent issues that are being lobbied for. another part of that is I love the idea of working for various charities as you would take part in creating an impact on a group of people. 
What i want to do is either work for a charity organization that is either tied. I think that it would connect some of the things that I love with my daily routine. or i would like to work in a government position, to have an impact on some aspect of government. That would be something that i love as well as something that i would like to do. after college is over i hope to find a job at either or with no strong preference of one over the other.