Thursday, January 28, 2016

1/28 Response to 7.3 exercise

One family ritual that we practice almost religiously is going to Cubs or Blackhawks games at least every other week.  When baseball or hockey is in season, so is our ability to do what has become such an important part of our family. Every day that this takes place we do the same three things, drive downtown, and depending on the game time, we either get pizza at Gino's east before or after the game. We, as a family  do everything Cubs related you can think of, going to the cubs convention, going to games and watching games on tv, because it pulls us together for a couple hours, and we actually interact. usually I am not home or watching tv in my room, or my mom doesn't get home from work till 6:30 so there is limited interaction, but whenever there is a cubs or Blackhawks game, we are either watching it or we are there. Us just being in the same room for more that a couple minutes at a time rarely happens anymore, and this tradition or ritualistic experience of going to games puts us in a position that we actually get to interact for at least a couple hours. These experiences keep our family together in its own special weird way. 

what does it mean when I say adulthood? 
Looking at the word adulthood i don't see it as an age, but a mindset. there was a time in which i believed that adulthood was something that you experienced after college, when are first included into the world outside of academia. But my understanding of adulthood has come to mean that there are many experiences that people have that can make a person become ushered into the mental state of adulthood at a speed that cannot be described as numbers in someones age. if one traumatic or life changing event can impact a person profoundly, and they are put into a position where there is a need for them to experience everything that an adult does, then my understanding is that they have been ushered into the likes of adulthood, even if it is premature to the overall societal understanding of adulthood. 

the evolution of growing up is much like the ripening of a fruit.
Everyone sees growing up as being very linear, there is a multitude of stops on this train of advancement that society sees as the correct course, theses stops could include high school, college gaining a first job, getting married. But in reality there is are large amount of factors influencing the progression of a person just as the ripening of a fruit. there is a known number of things that can contribute to the process, it could include temperature, the humidity, but most importantly, impact, if a fruit becomes bruised from lets say falling off a counter, its will mature to being fully ripened and then ruined more suddenly than its normal progression. It is shocked by this factor. Just as this scenario de-railed the metaphorical train of progression for the fruit, there can be instanced with enough impact on a human that their ideology and actions have become more adult like in a span of time that is drastically different than the average experience. 

January 19th, 2016

What did i learn today?
In college writing I learned the importance of audience selection for a piece of writing. It impacts not only the specific form in which you chose to write wether it is the for argument or for persuasion, ext. It also impacts the more in which you wish to describe your idea. I leaned that audience choice needs to be accounted for first because it is the basis for all to follow in writing.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

What are or responsibilities to each other when we blog?

When looking at the aspects of communication in a blog, there is an obligation to the writer and the people that are responding.

As a society today in the openness of the internet, with a vast amount of sites in which there is interaction between people, there is a need for a set of ethical ground rules for the communication that takes place. Looking at comments sections spanning from everything from a serious news article to a youtube video of someones cat doing something seen as funny or cute, there is always an argument that can get out of hand, turning a well meaning post's comment section into a battlefield of ideas being hurled at one another without purpose.

In relationship to blogging, there are some "rules" that could be established for this channel of internet communication based on the notion that there are responsibilities  for all all parties involved. this includes the writers ability to present a idea or defend their ideology on a subject in a way that is not deemed as offensive. another responsibility of a writer could include the idea that all topics can be looked into and responded to, but some topics need to be expanded on carefully to not cause ruckus within your audience. The last responsibility is that there need to be an openness to the audience. An audience deserves to have a chance to look into a persons ideas with all of the writers ideas being presented.

The main responsibility that I believe needs to be present in blogging is that there is a need for mutual respect between the audience and the writer. The writer needs to have respect for the idea that these people are not being forced to read their blog, they have no really need to read it, it is just a want to them, so writing about topics or writing in such a way that you know will offend or attack your audience in any way. yes you can write something that is going to offend some people, everyone has different views, but the writer should not go out of there way to try to offend people. This can also be said for those who read a blog and may chose to create a response to a blog post. The response should respectfully proclaim the person's idea, and it shouldn't lay the groundwork for an argument.